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Shower Door Glass

Caution: abrasives and harsh cleaning products will damage the glass! Never use scouring powder or pads, acid based cleaners, or sharp instruments to clean the glass as they can permanently damage the glass.

There are many glass cleaners on the market, however, a good many contain ammonia. Although a good cleaning agent, ammonia can harm metal finishes. We recommend the use of an ammonia free cleaner as well as the use of a squeegee type cleaning tool right after showering to prevent soap and mineral build-up.

ClearShield Cleaning Instructions

To properly care for ClearShield glass, rinse with water and squeegee dry after each use. Then clean the glass regularly using ClearShield Aftercare. Aftercare offers optimum cleaning benefits, maximizes the long life protection of ClearShield, includes an anti-bacterial formula and leaves a clean, fresh scent. Aftercare works so well that the warranty is increased from five years to eight years on shower glass.

Glass cleaners like Windex and Glass Plus, will not harm ClearShield glass, although they are unnecessarily strong. Never use commercial strength cleaners or products like Lime Away or CLR on ClearShield glass. For an effective and inexpensive glass cleaner that will not harm ClearShield glass, use a mixture of 80%, water and 20% vinegar, spray on glass and towel dry.

Brass Hinges and Hardware

Most of our decorative hardware finishes receive a protective finish of baked enamel clear coat, or a lacquered finish. The intent of the coating is to protect the finish from oxidation during shipping and storage. Once the hardware has been installed, environmental conditions such as air quality, climate and frequency of use will initiate the aging process of the finish. There is no defined time period for the life of the finish. These components should be cleaned with only water, and wiped dry. NEVER clean them with a metal polish, any abrasives, or an abrasive cloth. This can cause immediate breakdown of the protective coating.

Aluminum Hardware

For maintenance of aluminum hardware, many of our suppliers have endorsed Comet Brand Non-Abrasive Bathroom Cleaner. Its non-abrasive ingredients dissolve soap build-up and hard water stains without harming the metal surface. Be certain to read and follow the instructions from any manufacturer of a product you choose to use, paying strict attention to its compatibility with metal components.

Molds / Mildew

Molds and mildew are very common in buildings and homes and will grow anywhere indoors where there is moisture. When your shower door was installed, it was caulked in strategic areas for the sole purpose of preventing water from leaking outside the enclosure. The caulking will discolor over time depending on the overall moisture environment in your particular shower. It is not an indicator that your shower has been caulked or installed improperly and should not be considered a health hazard or warranty issue.

Rex Glass Cleaner

We also recommend our own Rex Glass Cleanerâ„¢ as a safe and effective cleaner for any glass or mirror surface. Amonia free and ozone safe, it leaves no film and can be used on windows, mirrors, windshields, tile, porcelain, acrylics, and other plastics. You can purchase Rex Glass Cleaner in the Store section of the site.

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