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Also known as U-Channel, the channel is a piece of metal that comes in many types of finishes that is used to secure the glass to the base and or walls of the shower. Unlike traditional framed showers that have 2" profiles, the channel used in frameless showers has only a ¾" profile. When fabricated and installed correctly, it will be the least noticed metal component of the entire design.


There are other applications for attaching fixed panels other than U-Channel. Various types of clamps can be specified if so desired, however they can affect the cost substantially. Secondly, glass edges held in place by clamps require fabrication cut-outs, holes and high polishing…more cost! Third, the tolerance for a tight fit to the wall is close to a ¼" gap, which ultimately means a larger silicone bead to seal, or a potential to leak. Lastly, installation can be more difficult as there is no lee way in how exact the panel has to fit…it must be right on! As always, the choice is yours. We will be happy to entertain designs desiring clips as opposed to U-channel, just ask.

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