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You probably don't need much explanation on what glass is. However, glass isn't as simple as it may seem. When building a frameless shower, you have the choice of two glass thicknesses. The standard glass thickness is 3/8". You can upgrade (at a cost) to a thicker ½" size. When upgrading to ½" glass, the weight of the glass increases (thus increasing shipping costs) and the metal and hardware costs increase as well.

All glass that goes into showers is tempered. The tempering process makes the glass stronger and it creates a safety effect. If tempered glass breaks, it breaks into many harmless small pieces.

Glass also has a slight green tint to it due to its mineral composition. This tinting should be considered when designing the shower and tile work. Glass can be purchased that features a reduced tint (for a cost of course), such that the glass appears extremely clear.

Finally, different glass textures are available as well as special characteristics such as fade to clear sandblasting.

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