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Hinges allow the door to swing open and shut from either a fixed glass panel or a solid wall. Hinges fasten to glass panels that have been fabricated with a precise, notched cut-out located on either a vertical or a horizontal door edge, depending on the type of hinge. Wall mount and glass-to-glass hinges install on a vertical (side) edge, while pivot hinges install on horizontal (top or bottom) edges.

The standard hinge choices for our various products were selected on the basis of functionality, ease of installation and cost effectiveness. Combined with our years of experience in knowing what works, it’s a winning formula. Aside from any design restrictions of your particular project (door swing obstructions, etc.) the only reason to modify these selections would be purely aesthetic, especially with glass mounted to glass hinges. All three types of hinges have different costs, and glass to glass mounted hinges require additional fabrication notches that also increase the cost. The choice will always be left to you provided safety is ensured.

Wall Hinge Door
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Glass Hinge Glass Door

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