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The strike is a piece of polycarbonate that seals the opening between the door and a fixed panel.

In the "Design and Planning" section of this guide, we mentioned proper placement of shower heads and / or sprays. Unlike traditional framed doors, frameless showers eliminate any vertical metal components between two pieces of glass. The chances of water escaping the shower are greatly increased when this is done. It's not only fixture placement that can cause this to occur, but the simple act of showering causes water to bounce off of your body towards the glass. Polycarbonate is a very clear, rigid plastic. Our seal / strike piece can be attached to the fixed panel to create a sure seal between the door and panel. The strike cannot be placed however on a panel that is not secured at the top edge and made rigid. When the door closes to a panel that is not captured at the top and has the polycarbonate seal / strike installed, the sheer weight of the door hitting the strike will cause the panel to deflect and wobble to an unacceptable level.

If you wish to have the shower door swing both in and out, or double-acting, you do not want to use the polycarbonate seal / strike, as this will prevent the door from swinging in.

If your shower is only 30"-36" deep, we believe you should have the polycarbonate seal / strike solely to protect the water from "bouncing" out of the shower. After all, at that depth, an inswing door is not practical to enter the shower.

Fixed Panel

This is not an issue with a single swing door, although we do have wall mounted type door seal / strikes available if you feel water leakage could be an issue.

Our Door-Panel and Door-Panel-Return model products do not come with a polycarbonate strike as standard unless you order a header kit.

Our Panel-Door-Panel, Panel-Door-Panel-Return, and Neo Angle models do come standard with two (2) polycarbonate seal / strikes. This will allow sealing of both vertical edges of the door. We can do this because the header is standard and the standard pivot hinges allow for the application. Neo Angle type showers are especially vulnerable to leakage as the shower head placement will ultimately face directly at one side of the door.

Please note: When we use a polycarbonate seal / strike, it directly effects how we size your glass for proper fit. If for any reason you wish to delete or add a polycarbonate strike, we need to know! If no mention is made, we will proceed with production according to the offerings associated with each of our products.

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