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Depending on the product you have selected and the options you have chosen, the steps and parts will undoubtedly vary from one installation to the next. Thus, there is not a universal set of installation steps. There are however 2 standard starting points that we will discuss. The rest of this chapter is broken into various sections that describe in detail how to install various parts of your shower. As mentioned, there is not always a specific order that needs to be followed. Use common sense, intuition, and the following information to complete the install. If at any point you have questions, don't hesitate to call us.


If all you need to install is a single door, then hinges are obviously going to be your starting point. If you have a door and at least 1 panel, it's usually a better idea to start with the panel(s) and add the door last. In cases where the door connects to the panel via glass to glass hinges, the panel has to be installed first.


When installing a panel, the first thing you'll need to do is to install the U-Channel along the base and or wall. From there it's just a matter of installing and securing the glass.

The following sections are organized in a somewhat chronological order but may differ depending on each individual and unique installation scenario.

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