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Configurations requiring a header will come with a kit that contains all of the necessary components including the header extrusion, aluminum wall mounting brackets, snap-in filler insert, and clear vinyl sealer.

  • Cut the header to the desired length.

  • Slide the wall mounting brackets into the top pocket sleeve and tighten to the top of the header.

  • Place the clear vinyl over the top edge of the fixed glass.

  • Lightly tap the header over the vinyl with a rubber mallet.

  • When snug on the glass, attach the wall brackets to the wall.

  • Fill the pocket above the door opening. When your door glass is sized for design requiring a header, it is fabricated slightly shorter in height so it swings under the header. When the door is open, you will see the underside pocket of the header. Cut the snap in filler piece to size to fill the pocket.

For designs utilizing 90° return panels or 135° angled panels, the header kit will include adjustable angle brackets as shown below. You simply miter your header as required and use the appropriate bracket to attach the pieces from the top. The remaining steps are identical to those for inline installation.


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