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When you remove a hinge from its packaging, it will be fairly obvious how it's to be installed. There are three rubber gaskets included with each hinge, but only two will be used. The thickness of your glass (3/8" or 1/2") determines which two you use, and it is explained in the instructions found in the box.

The steps below are specific to wall mount hinge installations. Pivot hinges require similar steps, and glass to glass hinges don’t require drilling any holes.

  • Install the hinges to the door.

    • Remove two screws from the cover plate to open the hinges and expose the main body of the hinge.

    • Apply the proper gaskets to both sides of the shower door around the glass cutout (light pressure will keep them in place) and put the main body of the hinge into the cutout.

    • Center the hinge up and down, align the edges of the cover plates with the edge of the glass, and reattach the inside cover plate with the two screws.

    • Tighten only by hand and alternate screws from one to the other to assure even pressure. Allow 10 to 20 minutes for the gaskets to settle, and then tighten them down a little more.

  • Position the door to mark hinge locations on the wall.

    • Place shims on the shower curb and arrange the shims to provide ½" clearance at the bottom. A door sweep / seal will be applied later to close the gap.

    • With one person inside and one person outside the shower, lift the door onto the curb and align it in the opening with the predetermined center line you made while measuring.

    • With both hinge mounting back plates flush to the wall, each person should mark the hinge mounting holes on the tile, both inside and outside. Remove the door so that the mounting holes can be drilled.

  • Drill hinge holes in wall. The mounting screws are furnished with the hinges. Drill ¼" holes into the tile a minimum of 2" deep, insert the appropriate plastic wall anchors and tap them into the hole. We recommend cutting off the head of the anchors to insure the back plate of the hinge rests completely flush to the wall.

  • Install the door. Repeat setting the door back into the opening, fasten the hinge screws and tighten by hand. Gently slide out the shims and you have the perfect installation.

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