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If your design requires more glass panels than just a door, the additional glass panels in the design will need to be secured to the base and walls of the shower. The most cost-effective and recommended way to complete this task is by using a 'U' shaped channel component.

  • Cut the stock channel lengths to size. The U-Channel will be shipped in oversized lengths, which you will cut to the required lengths you need. A good power miter saw or hack saw is all you need. The lengths we send to you will be long enough for you to do a few practice cuts before the final cut. We recommend corners (inside and outside) to be miter cut, and we suggest you make those cuts first before the final length cut is made.

  • Install the channel pieces. The channel should be placed on the centerlines you had drawn within the opening when you measured. The channel is not pre-drilled, so you should position all cut pieces of channel over the centerlines to verify good fit before you drill. We recommend a #6 stainless steel screw and hole depth of 1 ¼", with a countersunk drill bit to insure screw heads are flush to the inside of the channel. The channel is not heavy and does not need many screws to hold in place. In most cases, one screw every 24" is fine. Use your best judgment with the lengths that you are working with. Drill in the same fashion you had for the door hinges, and use an appropriate plastic anchor. (Don’t forget to cut the head of the anchor off). Fill the center of the anchor with silicone, put a small bead of silicone on the bottom of the channel and proceed to fasten all channels in place. You are now prepared to set the glass panels into the channel.

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