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Once the U-Channel pieces are installed along the base and walls, the next step is to set the glass into the channel.

  • Install setting blocks. You will find clear plastic strips known as "setting blocks" of various thicknesses shipped with your order. Your glass was fabricated to use the 3/" thick blocks placed inside of the channels as both a cushioning and leveling device. The thicker blocks provide you the ability to shim the panel if it is not standing plumb and level when it is installed. Two to three blocks are plenty for most panels, and they can be cut shorter if more are required. You could superglue the blocks to the inside of the channel so they won’t move during installation. Do not set the blocks over the screw heads.

  • Place silicone in the channel. Silicone the top of the screw heads and all mitered channel joints, do not silicone on top of the setting blocks. See Figure 2 for an illustration on where to place silicone.

    U Channel Set Up Diagram

    Figure 27: Silicon should be placed in the channel along the back (or bottom), inside joint seams, and over screw heads.

  • Set glass into channel. Lift the glass above the channel (using suction cups and or help) and gently lower into the channel. Keep the panel close to any vertical wall channel that will also attach to the panel. Drop it down into the bottom channel, and gently work it left or right into the vertical channel. After all is in place, a final silicone seal (small bead please!) should be applied to both the inside and outside bottom edge of the channel. A cap bead should also be applied to the inside and outside top edge of the channel where it meets the glass. A blue low adhesive transfer tape (painters tape) should be applied to the glass approximately 1/16" to 3/3" above the sight line of the top of the channel. Using the same tape, apply it along the top edge of the channel itself. This will provide an even and attractive bead width when the cap bead is tooled, and clean up should involve no more than removing the tape itself.

    Note: If your shower has a return panel, set the return panel before the fixed panel. See the section on Butt Glazing Fixed and Return Panels for more information.

    Cap Bead

    Figure 28: A cap bead of silicon is applied to the top edge of the channel where it meets the glass.

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