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We recommended the following tools and materials for completing the installation:

  • a good tape measure

  • a good level

  • cordless drill

  • screwdriver with #2 and #3 bits

  • rubber mallet

  • razor blades (utility knife)

  • hacksaw

  • file

  • wood shims

  • mildew resistant silicone sealant, preferably water clear

  • #6 stainless steel screws

  • low adhesive painter's tape

As mentioned previously, glass suction cups would be very helpful, along with a power miter saw in lieu of a hacksaw.

Depending on which of our frameless glass shower enclosure designs you have purchased, the task of installation will vary depending on the various components that come with each product. A single swing shower door will be the least complicated of all, as it comes with the least amount of hardware. It includes two wall mount hinges, one door pull, and one door sweep, total of four hardware components. As the designs get more complex when inline panels, return panels, or angled panels are added, additional hardware items are furnished. Those items are primarily 'U' channel, header kits, glass clips and optional polycarbonate door stops. All sections of the installation guide are a condensed review of the most common hardware pieces, their function and how they are installed.

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