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Now that you've finished designing, planning, constructing your good opening, and measuring precisely, it' time to finish the project with a successful installation. Heavy glass frameless shower doors are much heavier than the standard aluminum framed enclosures, but that’s why you purchased it. Be certain to have competent help available, as we do not consider this to be a one person job. Like standard framed products, you will have some metal cutting to do. However, it won’t be flimsy aluminum components that can bend or damage easily. The major things to keep in mind at all times are the following:

  • Patience - take your time. You didn’t rush the front end of this project, so don’t allow yourself to become impatient now.

  • Handle the glass carefully. Tempered glass is 3-4 times stronger than standard glass, but it can still break. Never set the glass down on any hard surface without having wood, rubber or carpet underneath. The edges of the glass are most sensitive to impact rather than the face surface, so exercise care and caution.

  • Handle the glass with a suction cup. We recommend renting a glass suction cup or two as it makes handling the glass a night and day task. It’s not essential, but it is worth it.

  • Use caution with electric drills. Obviously you will use this tool to drill various holes as required. We do not recommend using these types of drills to tighten down any hinge cover plates or screws into the back plate unless it has an adjustable torque setting. Set the torque at a lower setting, and drive the screw only until it is almost seated. Further tightening can be accomplished by hand with the proper screwdriver. This should insure that you won’t crack any tile or accidentally scratch any of the metal components.

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