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  1. Make certain the door swing opening is not impaired by other fixtures in the bathroom. For out-swing applications, placement of vanities or commodes are the two most critical elements. If the door is to have in-swing capabilities also, placement of the showerhead, controls, hand-held sprays, grab rails and seating should be considered so they don’t come in contact with the glass.

  2. When using wall mount hinges with a combination towel bar and a pull mounted on it, design consideration must be given to whether or not the end of the towel bar closest to the hinges will hit the wall, before the door opens up to its full 90 degrees. Should you choose a towel bar on the door, we will need to supply a different type of hinge and offset (not center) the towel bar. It’s common; it looks fine, and the cost minimal. In some cases a header could be required depending on how much clearance is required. We will not alter the size of the door, so please be aware that the actual opening into the shower will decrease by a couple inches.

    See Figure 2 for an illustration of this issue.

    Towel Bar Situation

    Figure 2: The proper placement of a towel bar in the door is shown in order to avoid hitting the wall when opening the door.

  3. When using wall mount hinges, and the same wall has a towel bar mounted on it, design consideration must be given as to whether that towel bar will be hit by the door when it opens to its full 90 degrees. This situation can cause two problems. It restricts access to the shower, and more importantly, with the glass hitting the towel bar, there is a chance of the door glass breaking. A possible solution is to use top and bottom pivot hinges, and inset the hinges enough so that the pivot point projects far enough from the wall to clear the towel bar.

    Most towel bars that mount on a wall are deeper that our through-the-glass towel bars. To obtain the proper clearance, a top mount pivot hinge with a header kit would be required. You would need to let us know the depth of your existing or new wall mount towel bar.

    See Figure 3 for an illustration of this issue.

    Door Hits Situation

    Figure 3: Consider the location of existing towel bars when designing the opening for the shower door.

  4. With multiple panel showers, avoid using panels less than 6” wide. Glass panels smaller than 6” are not very attractive to the overall design. They tend to bow during the tempering process, and their size makes them less stable.

  5. Consult with us before you build the shower if you have questions regarding buttress or knee walls, seat areas or various angles in your design.

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