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  1. Always adhere to the manufacturers specifications for hardware concerning weight and width capacities. Don't worry - we will make sure this happens! Whether you choose from our standard designs or have a "one-of-a-kind design", we assure you that the hardware provided will be more than adequate. Anytime we have to modify a customer’s design, it is usually a safety or a function issue.

  2. Make sure that when using wall mount hinges, the wall has a wood stud behind it, or the surface substrate is strong or thick enough, and secured sufficiently to accommodate appropriate screw anchors.

  3. Consider a header kit for almost all designs with the exception of a single swing door. You will notice that a header kit is optional for certain products. You are strongly encouraged however, to get the header kit for any fixed panel exceeding 24" width positioned next to a door.

    There is no safety code that we are aware of that insists you must have a header. Panels not secured at the top edge will wobble and flex. The degree of this is always determined by the size. In the name of safety, we feel the phrase "header is better" is appropriate. Many in the design community may feel a header is not aesthetically appropriate, but we know from experience it is always safer to use one.

  4. Do not hinge a door off of a fixed glass panel using glass-to-glass hinges, if the panel has no top support. If a door is to be hinged off of a fixed panel using glass-to-glass hinges, one of the following criteria must be met:

    • The door must be hinged off of a fixed panel that is secured at both the curb and the ceiling with either 'U' channel or glass clamps.

    • If the fixed panel does not go to the ceiling, the top of the panel must be secured with a header system or a support bar.

    If the design allows, using wall mount hinges, and not glass-to-glass hinges (to avoid swinging a door from an unsupported fixed panel) is a good solution. A shower door swinging from an unsupported panel can cause the panel to wobble or flex, and be unsafe.

    Figure 1

    Figure 1: The design on the left is not recommended to use glass to glass hinges when the fixed panel has no top support. The design on the right is recommended as support is provided.

    It is not necessarily a case of right or wrong when selecting between wall mount hinges, glass-to-glass hinges or pivot hinges. It is a case of which one is more proper for the application. Wall mount hinges are the most cost effective hinge you can choose, and also require minimal glass fabrication costs. If you have a fixed panel of glass that does not go to the ceiling and you do not want a header, wall mount hinges present your best option.

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