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Door, Panel & Return

The addition of luxury glass to the side of any shower entry creates a panoramic view from both the inside and outside of the shower. Our frameless door, panel, and return is the ultimate for larger showers.  
Glass Thickness

Choose the thickness of your shower door glass.
(Changing this option will reset all options below)

Hinge Direction

Choose which side of the glass that your hinges will be placed.

Door Width

Indicate the width of your door.
Note: In order to use a 28" door, your actual opening must be 28 3/8".

Door Height

Indicate the height of your door.

Overall Front Width

Indicate approximately how wide the front of the enclosure is, including the width of the door and any panels. Once we receive your order, we will email you a measurement sheet where you can specify exact dimensions.

Return Panel Depth

Indicate approximately how wide your return panel is. Once we receive your order, we will email you a measurement sheet where you can specify exact dimensions.

How Many Notch Cuts Do You Need?

A step up notch cut is necessary when you need to accommodate a shower seat.

How Will You Attach the Panel(s)?

For the average person, we recommend using channel for a cleaner, simpler installation.

Out-of-Square Angle Cuts

If any wall is out of square by 1/4" or more, purchase an out of square cut to ensure best fit. For help measuring the squareness of your opening, please refer to our Shower Guide To Success

Choose Your Glass Type

All standard frameless glass shower doors include clear heavy glass in either 3/8" or 1/2" thickness.

Choose Your Surface Protectant

Surface protectants allow your shower door to stay cleaner longer, make it easier to clean, and protect your investment by helping to keep your glass looking like new.

Choose Your Finish

We offer the most popular hardware finishes in today's bath design.

Choose Your Header Kit Option

It is common to expect some deflection at the top edge of the fixed panel on the door side. The addition of a header kit will stabilize and eliminate the deflection. We highly suggest this option when the fixed panel exceeds 24” in width. When selecting a header kit, you will receive a clear polycarbonate door strike. The door strike attaches to the fixed panel to create a watertight seal between.

Polycarbonate Strike Option

A strike helps to prevent water from escaping between the door and an inline panel. Depending on whether you choose to include a strike, we will cut the door glass accordingly. Thus if you do not choose a strike, there will be a smaller gap between the door and the panel.

Choose Your Pull Style

If there is something in particular you prefer and do not see it in our standard program selections, let us know.


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